The Andrys Basten Award

Photo by Andrys Basten

The Andrys Basten Award is an initiative by several of Andrys’ closest online friends to perpetuate her musical legacies, particularly within the San Francisco area where she lived and worked. Spearheaded by Fred Feinberg and funded through an online campaign administered by Elizabeth Lowrey (on behalf of her aunt, Gerrie Collins), the effort reached fruition in April of 2019, one year after Andrys’ death, when the first awards in her name and cash prizes of $250 each were presented by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers to the three winners of their state concerto, honors, and contemporary competitions.

The partnership with CAPMT will continue as long as funding and mutual agreement permits, so, for at least the near future, count on the Andrys Basten Awards being presented every spring to three fabulous young California musicians. Continuing donations to the GoFundMe campaign are most welcome and appreciated.