One thought on “The Artistry of Andrys Basten

  1. I became friends with Andrys back in her discussion groups years ago. I went to write her and found this precious soul was gone from this earth. She befriended my Mom online and gave my Mom a wonderful online friendship. When my Mom passed in 2010, she said the kindest things about her. She was so level headed and intelligent and kind, she was a beacon to me. To have found out of her passing when I was reaching out to her again is devastating. I will always hold her in my heart and memory as one of the most substantial humans I ever talked with. I want to say I loved her as a great friend. I am not surprised she could not last through the Trump years. What a slap in the face to all who respect and have any hope for humanity. I will miss you my friend, Dear Andrys. I will always miss you.

    James Thomas

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