First Andrys Basten Awards Presented April 6th!

In the month that marks one year since Andrys Basten passed away, the goal of awarding prizes in her honor will become a reality. Three young musicians will each receive $250 and a certificate issued by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers in Andrys’ memory to be presented at their state finals competition this coming Saturday, April 6, 2019 at the California School of the Arts – San Gabriel, located at 1401 Highland Avenue, Duarte, CA 91010.

The CAPMT do not allow these competitions to be recorded, but they would gladly welcome anyone associated with the Andrys memorial effort to attend and to present the checks and certificates. The recipients will be the winners of the three major areas of CAPMT competition—concerto, contemporary, and honors—with rough time schedules for each set forth below:

Concerto Competition:  8:30 AM – 11:55 AM; award ceremony @ 12:10 PM
Contemporary Competition: 1:00 PM – 4:55 PM; award ceremony @ 5:10 PM
Honors Competition:  8:30 AM – 4:55 PM; award ceremony @ 5:30 PM

The event location looks to be about 22 miles northeast of Los Angeles and even closer to Pasadena. So if any donor, friend, or family member of Andrys can commit to attending the competition and would like to do the honor of presenting the awards, please contact me at the following address:


Fred Feinberg and I would like to thank President Noreen Wenjen and her CAPMT colleagues for working with us to make these inaugural awards possible. The plans for the Andrys Basten Memorial Fund (originally termed the “Nocturne Award”) going forward are still under development with the CAPMT but will, at all events, be used to support young musicians in Andrys’ home state and in her memory, whether that support takes the form of annual piano prizes, scholarships, or both. We will update you all when those plans are fully defined.

Until then, thanks again to all you donors for your generosity. I feel privileged to be part of this kind of team effort, and I’m sure Andrys would be delighted by the kind of “grass roots” philanthropy she inspired.

Elizabeth Lowrey
GoFundMe Organizer Webmistress

2 thoughts on “First Andrys Basten Awards Presented April 6th!

  1. It was a great honor to receive the 1st Andrys Basten Award at the CAPMT State Finals 2019! Thank you to all the donors and Ms. Basten’s big heart to support us. I will continue to share my music with you all!

  2. Sabrina, thank you so much for stopping by.

    I’m sure I speak for all the donors in congratulating you on winning one of the inaugural Andrys Basten awards. I only wish contest rules had allowed recording as I would have loved to host your performance, and those of the other winners, on the site. But we’re thrilled at your accomplishment and will always be interested in your musical growth. So please do stop back by from time to time to update us.

    In the mean time, I’ve posted a short writeup on the competition that features the photo you took with Andrys’ brother, Glen.

    All the Best,

    Elizabeth Lowrey

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